Stucco Siding, Walls, and Chimneys

Stucco Pressure Washing

We Can Make Your Stucco Shine Again!!!

Unlike aluminum and vinyl siding, stucco is extremely porous and textured and has an affinity for dirt, bacteria, and fungus…not to mention the fact that these fungi have almost unlimited places to hide. These fungi and bacteria feed on stucco which can be comprised of lime, water, and glass fibers that can be sometimes added to stucco, making it attractive to these little critters who take pleasure in “dining” on your stucco and housing materials!

We simply use an advanced combination and method of soaps and detergents to eliminate the fungus, mold, and mildew or bacteria’s by pulling them to the surface and washing them away from the surface. Because stucco is very porous, textured,and structurally fragile, more care must be taken and more time is necessary to carefully remove everything from these stucco surfaces.

An orange or yellow discoloration may also form at the bottom of the house base which we can also remove safely and effectively. This can sometimes be removed before painting is required if caught in time.

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