Phoenixville Pressure Washing

Phoenixville Pressure Washing Services

Christian Pressure Washing Services has been doing business in the Philadelphia suburbs, King of Prussia PA for several years now. Since 2009, we have also been providing Phoenixville pressure washing services for residential homes and commercial buildings and businesses.

We have many satisfied customers and can also see our work results on Angie’s List with their customers’ reviews also.

Our Christian Pressure Washing Company believes in the “old-school” principle of customer service and good business practices by responding to customer inquiries within one day but usually same day response. Your pressure washing needs and requests can generally be looked at and quoted within 2-3 days at the most.

Phoenixville Pressure/Power Washing BeforePressure Washing West Chester


Phoenixville After Pressure/Power WashingPower Washing West Chester


We specialize in the following areas:

1. Residential power/pressure washing Phoenixville:

A. Aluminum siding
B. Vinyl siding
C. Wood siding
D. Brick
E. Roof washing (manual and soft washing)
F. Concrete sidewalks
G. Flagstone walkways and patios
H. Paver walkways and patios
I. Concrete pool patios and pool surface cleaning.
J. Gutter cleaning (exterior and interior)  gutter cleaning is only done if we are there as a result of home washing.
K. Wood deck cleaning and staining services.
L. Composite Deck Soft Washing
M. Fiber Cement Siding
N. Stone Siding and Walls
O. Driveway washing

Power/Pressure Washing Explained…An Educated Approach.

Most people and customers have an idea on what pressure washing is and the methods for getting the proper results. Contrary to popular belief, and previous personal experience and observations, in most cases it is usually unnecessary to have to “blast” surfaces clean of debris and other undesirables such as dirt, mold, mildew, fungus, mold, and lichens. The proper application of necessary cleaners, detergents, and emulsifiers along with an ample amount of water pressure strategically directed is enough to properly clean most residential home surfaces.

Pressure Washing West ChesterAs seen by the picture of the pressure from a pressure washing unit allowing the pressure to be redirected as a wide fan angle which allows for an effective rinse of your home surfaces that would be virtually impossible with a garden hose. Enough pressure is still left over from the redirection of the pressure washing spray pattern to attain debris at various heights of your home or business.

As seen in this picture to the right, the proper application of detergents and cleaners accompanied by an ample amount of pressure and nozzle efficiency allows for an effective pressure washing of your home at a safe distance that won’t damage the siding.Pressure Washing Siding West Chester

Power/Pressure Washing Phoenixville Decks…When it Comes to Wood and Composite Decking, Proper Application of Cleaners & Effective but Gentle Rinse

For customers who are concerned about sensitive surfaces such as any type of decking such as wood decks, exotic hardwood decking and composite decks, all that is necessary for the proper cleaning of these sensitive surfaces are the application of the proper cleaners and detergents followed by an effective but gentle rinse. You’ll be amazed at the results!!!

After your deck is clean you may be pleased to discover we also stain decks. We can handle those needs also without having to shop around.

Phoenixville Masonry surfaces…Concrete, Flagstone, Pavers, and more

We use cleaners on your masonry surfaces that attract dirt and oily substances and pull it to the surface where it can be effectively rinsed off. After applied, the concrete or other masonry surfaces will turn darker because the dirt and oil have been pulled to the surface. This is where we pressure wash it off leaving you with a clean, virtually dirt-free surface.

Give us a try and see why our power washing in Phoenixville along with hundreds of our other area customers are very pleased with their home power/pressure washing results.


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