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What is Pressure Washing

Based on my years of experience I would define pressure washing as merely the removal of dirt and bacteria from housing structures and masonry surfaces through the use of high pressure water, utilizing cleaners and detergents.  The dirt and bacteria is not only unsightly but potentially damaging to housing/construction materials, masonry, and other such surfaces.  Left unattended, mold, mildew, fungus, and algae can be costly.  All that is necessary for the presence of bacteria such as fungus, mold, mildew, and algae is a lack of sunlight, shade,  and an ample amount of moisture and materials to feed on.  You may notice that one or two sides of the house usually get it the worst…typically the North side.

Is High Pressure Really Needed?  Can’t it damage my Siding or other Surfaces?

What I say here about the necessity of high pressure when washing houses, buildings, or decks…whether composite or wood will serve as a basis for why high pressure is used in conjunction with any surfaces that are going to be washed whether it is wood, composite decking, aluminum or vinyl siding, or PVC.

Contrary to popular belief or perception there are very few situations where dirt or other debris and bacteria actually needs to be “blasted” off the surface as one might think is necessary.  Experienced and more importantly educated pressure washers should be fully aware that the cleaners and detergents should do the majority of the “heavy lifting” or workload in the pressure washing process.  Effective cleaners and detergents will not only disinfect or eliminate fungus, mold, algae, and other bacteria but will also separate the dirt and the above mentioned from the surfaces.  Water pressure is then implemented to efficiently and effectively removed from the surfaces.