Wood Decks

Wood Decks (Cleaning and Staining Services)

Definitely a specialty of ours!!!  We start by making sure your wood surfaces are clean from dirt, mildew, and fungus by cleaning the wood thoroughly with our specialized set of cleaners and detergents.  After the wood has completely dried, we sand the entire deck for proper adhesion and removal of any loose stain or paint that may be present.  We then apply two coats of premium stain for a long-lasting and beautiful finish that should last several years with proper care and maintenance.

Wood Decks.  Don’t be alarmed by dirty and mildew (green) and fungus or mold (black) stained wood!  No need in most cases to go out and buy a new deck.  Wood decks can easily restored to their natural wood beauty state utilizing the same cleaning principles that are used on composite decks with some additions to the cleaning process. All that may be need for you wood deck is a little “face-lift” comprised of a thorough washing, sanding, followed by two coats of penetrating wood stain to bring your wood deck back to life. The process is slightly different for unstained or raw or untreated wood and wood that has previously been stained or painted.  If wood has never been treated with wood stain before it is typically, “wood-whitened with a cleaner in an attempt to restore its natural color.

After thoroughly cleaning the wood deck with wood cleaners and detergents the wood is left to thoroughly dry for a few days depending on sunlight exposure.

After the deck has thoroughly dried we sand all the deck top surfaces such as rails, spindles, and of course the deck floor boards.  The sanding process is very important in that it serves a few, very important functions.  First, it smooths out the surface and rids the surface of any burrs or splinters revealed from the cleaning process.  Second, it opens up the wood pores to accept stain into the surface.  Third, and very important is that it creates a “roughed-up” surface on a micro-level; a necessary bond between the stain and deck surface that is necessary for proper stain adhesion.

These steps for your wood deck are simple and effective and can restore the natural beauty and integrity of your wood deck without costing you thousands of dollars that a new deck would cost you.

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