Stucco Walls and Chimneys

Stucco Walls and Chimneys

Rid your stucco surfaces of those unsightly black fungus streaks and mildew stains with the proper application of stucco cleaners and detergents.  These stains can discolor and ruin the appearance of your home but can be beautiful once again when properly cleaned and removed.

Stucco Walls and Chimneys.  Unlike vinyl and aluminum siding, stucco is porous and has a seemingly affinity for dirt and bacteria.  This can readily seen from a distance as stucco walls and chimneys are marked by unsightly black and green fungus and mildew.  Stucco is also marked by a yellowish or orange tint.  This is rust and is a result of wire mesh in the stucco and pipes running along and behind stucco that sweat and form rust.  All of the above mentioned can be safely and effectively removed or greatly reduced in most cases.

We simply use a formula that eliminates the fungus, mold, mildew, and algae.  Cleaners that bring dirt to the surface allows us to then wash it away.  Because stucco is porous and has a more complicated surface, more time is necessary to carefully remove dirt and black and green fungus and mildew bacteria from these surfaces as opposed to vinyl and aluminum siding which is considerably easier all things considered equal.

In severe cases, painting may be required afterward as the bacterias’ “dining” habits have taken the finish off.

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