Masonry Surfaces

Masonry Surfaces (Concrete, Flagstone, and Brick Pavers)

Bring those beautiful brick, concrete, and stone walkways and patios back to life after years of mildew, fungus, and dirt build-up. Utilizing the proper cleaners, detergents, and emulsifiers applied with proper equipment allows us to make your masonry surfaces look beautiful once again!

Masonry. In most cases, concrete, flagstone, and brick walkways and patios can be made to look like new again.

Concrete, Flagstone, brick pavers, and other masonry can be “brought back to life” and look beautiful again with the proper application of soaps and cleaners followed by a power wash.

Masonry and other stone products are porous and are typically comprised of materials that are attractive to bacteria.  Lack of sunlight, lime in the concrete and other substances to feed on make masonry attractive to these little creatures.

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