Composite Decks

Composite Decks

It is all in the cleaners and detergents.  Yes!!!  Composite decks can be pressure-washed.  The difference is we just redirect the power of the pressure washer into a soft, but effective wide rinse that does not damage your composite decking.  We let the cleaners do the work of eliminating the bad bacteria that stains the deck while bringing all the dirt and grime to the surface and simply soft-rinsing it away.  It is that simple but very effective.

Composite Decks.  Heard you cannot pressure-wash composite decks safely without damaging the surface?  This couldn’t be further from the truth!!!  Whether you have Azek, Trex, PVC, or other composite decking materials, they can be washed successfully and without damage.

Your composite decks can be safely and effectively cleaned with the proper application of cleaners accompanied by an ample amount of water pressure that redirects high pressure into a safe, wide spray.

By letting the cleaners do the “heavy-lifting” of the pressure-washing process you effectively kill or eliminate the black and green stains which are fungus and mildew bacteria stains from your deck.  At the same time, you cause them to loosen their grip on the surface and along with the dirt can easily be rinsed off the surface now without harmful effects.  If caught early the bacteria will not leave the spots on your composite deck.  Regardless, you will be left with as substantially-better-looking and cleaner composite deck.

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